Broad-based partnerships and the development of conducive Network structures are important to us in realizing our goals. Intercultural competence, openness and mutual appreciation provide fruitful cooperation on multiple levels with the various partners.

  • Grassroot communities in the region of Podor, Northsenegal

  • ENDA TM - Environment and Development Action in the Third World - is an international non-profit organisation based in Dakar, Senegal

  • Senegalese Ministry of Agriculture

  • Senegalese Ministry of Renewable Energy

  • Senegalese technical partners: Semis - energy services in sahelian environment

  • Austrian / European providers of technical competence (Volke Engineering, Lisec, Seisenbacher, ATV Elektronik, X-Net Services)

  • Weltaare is a partner company in the Mechatronik Cluster Upper Austria.