Solar Thermal Energy supply by Parabolic Trough Power Plants in modular construction combined with solar modules in Photovoltaic Technology

This concept guarantees an optimized adaptability to specific energy requirements. Small Power Plants in remote rural areas will be realized as well as Power Plants designed to satisfy the needs of urban agglomerations and industrial production. This means reduction of conventional fossil fuel consumption thus counteracting the threats of climatic change. In areas of low density in population, no power supply network is needed as small scale power plants produce energy wherever it is required. This concept of Modular Solar Power Plants provides thermal,mechanic and electric energy. This is to offer various possibilities of applications:

  • Water pumping from surface water and deep wells

  • Water treatment for clean drinking water

  • Mechanic energy for requirements of food processing ( milletmills, peeling machines ... )

  • The provided thermal energy can be directly used for conservation of agricultural, fishing and dairy products such as fruit drying, tinned food, dried fish

  • Thermal energy will be used for cooling processes in order to guarantee food security.

  • Solar Thermal Energy is transformed into electricity by steam turbines. This allows every conventional use of electric energy from individual domestic facilities to industrial applications.

  • Energy is temporarily stored as hydrogen, produced by electrolysers

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